Direct Overpayment Avoidance and Recovery
Billions of dollars in overpayments, missed discounts and vendor pricing errors are found each year by independent auditors. Most companies are surprised with the amounts recovered the first time they use an auditor. Recovery auditors usually charge a percentage of what they find, starting as high as 50% and going down as the total dollar amounts found increases. With the Direct Overpayment Avoidance and Recovery feature of Direct AP, your staff can do a lot if not all of it’s own overpayment avoidance and recovery work without paying a recovery fee.

During whatever stages in the workflow that you wish, Direct Overpayment Avoidance provides a list of invoices are most likely to represent an overpayment. Your staff or approvers can be required to review the potential problem invoices before approving the current invoice. The recovery feature allows you to do your own sleuthing to search for potential overpayments.        
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