Document Workflow Systems

Document workflow systems allow business process rules to be applied by a computer system to the processing of documents. Implementing business process rules into a workflow system is like adding numbers with a computer – you can count on it being right every time. In addition, document routing overhead disappears. Workflow systems are used for widely varying applications such as loan application processing and hiring in human resources. They do not typically include functions specific to accounts payable such as 3-way match, and cost center and general ledger code allocation.

“If all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.”

artist unknown (American)
Man with Hammer and Nail
ca. 1850

Direct AP modules

Direct eInvoice
Direct Web Invoicing
Direct Payables Workflow
Direct Overpayment Avoidance
Direct Vendors Relations
Direct Scanning
Direct Capture
Direct Access
Direct Technical Services


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