Direct Access
Direct Access is a web hosting service for your paper-based accounts payable  information that for added convenience, can also include all non- paper  transactions. It completely replaces your paper filing system. Our  fully secure,  failover redundant systems provide global access 24 hours per  day, seven days  per week. Any employee in the world can be given access  that is password and  encryption secured. Notes and other information can be attached. Information  can be printed, faxed or emailed and is organized by vendor, invoice number and  date.In addition, check print stream can be captured and images of checks automatically created and posted to the Direct Access system. 

Direct Access customers receive periodic archives with a sophisticated cross-volume database system built into every archive volume. The archives are portable and can be accessed by most personal computers and are optionally secured by encryption and password. Periodic archives ensure that you are not locked into our services and that we will always provide you with competitive value.

Your recovery auditor can be given web access to selected or all invoice information, or even special archive volumes with their own password. With instant access to images of paper invoices and other documents, audits are more effective and the savings are realized more quickly.

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